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Most of our Persian and Exotic Short Hair are doll faced, but we think they are much cuter than just a regular doll face so for the past few years we have been calling them 'Cherub' faced, because of their cute chubby little cheeks.

All of our kittens will have a one year written veterinarian's health guarantee against genetic defects, a health record of vaccinations, and come from 100% tested FeLV and FIV negative, and DNA tested PKD negative parents. Our kittens are raised with lots of love and hands on attention. They are guaranteed to be free of fleas, ear mites, and internal parasites. All necessary vaccinations will have been given before any kittens are allowed to be placed in their new home.

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Updated June 21, 2013.

Available Kittens

Checker's and Midas' Kittens were Born 03-11-12.

Longhair Dilute Silver Patch Tabby and White - Female.

Now at home with Deronda and Mike in California.

Longhair Red Tabby - Male.

Cindy and Midas' Kitten was Born on 4-1-12.

Longhair Golden Tabby and White - Male.

Melody and Midas' Kitten was Born 2-6-12.

Longhair Golden Tabby and White - Male.

Peanut and Midas' Kitten was Born 2-11-12.

Shorthair Red Tabby - Male.


New Photos Of Available Kittens Coming Soon


Artworkz Cattery Health Guarantee:

  • Artworkz Cattery states the kitten is from parents that are guaranteed Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency free. This kitten's vaccinations are guaranteed up to date, however reactions to future vaccinations cannot be guaranteed.
  • This kitten is also guaranteed to be free of internal parasites, ear mites, and fleas at the time it leaves the cattery. However, if your kitten is couriered, we have no control of what they may come in contact with. This guarantee does NOT include minor nuisances such as fungus or Upper Respiratory Infections. These can occur as a result of the stress of moving to a new home or again coming in contact with something undesirable during courier.
  • For the safety of your new kitten and other pets you may already have, your kitten should be quarantined in a separate area until checked by your veterinarian and given time to adjust to his new family.
  • Buyer is responsible for ALL Veterinarian and veterinarian related expenses once the kitten has left Artworkz Cattery. Your kitten should be examined by a licensed Veterinarian, within 3 days of arriving, and a dated copy of their health assessment must be received by Artworkz Cattery within 10 days, or this guarantee will be void. If a licensed veterinarian finds this kitten to have any congenital defects or life threatening illness, a written statement from the veterinarian, on their business letterhead, stating in detail the problem identified, must be received by Artworkz Cattery within the above stated 10 day time limit. In this event the kitten, after being returned to Artworkz Cattery at the buyers expense, will be replaced with a kitten of similar quality
  • If it is determined by a licensed veterinarian, upon a complete necropsy report, that this kitten died within 1 (one) year of date of purchase due to hereditary or congenital defects, said kitten will be replaced by a similar kitten. Buyer will pay all transportation costs and all costs related to the necropsy. THERE WILL BE NO CASH REFUNDS.
  • This guarantee does not cover the possibility of Feline Infectious Peritonitis in this kitten. FIP come from a mutation of a feline intestinal virus (FECV) and cannot be determined when or where it may have been developed. The current means of testing for FIP is unreliable (false-positives are very frequent) and will always show positive if the cat or kitten has been vaccinated against FIP, even though they may not be positive.

For this reason, this guarantee will be VOID if you choose to have this kitten vaccinated for FIP.


    All Artworkz kittens and cats are sold with a contract. A sample contract appears below.

    Kitten or Cat Information

    Color ____________________________________ Sex____________
    Dam ______________________________________________________

    Buyer's Name ____________________________________________
    Street Address ___________________________________________
    City and State ____________________________________________
    Phone Number ____________________________________________


    • Buyer accepts the responsibility for this feline and providing for its welfare.
    • This feline is guaranteed to be in good health to the best of the breeder's knowledge at the time of sale. We guarantee the feline to be free of FIV, and Felv, but do not guarantee against internal or external parasites or ringworm once it has left the breeder's premises. See attached Health Guarantee. Buyer must keep feline quarantined from other felines for two (2) weeks after arrival or guarantee will be void.
    • The breeder assumes no responsibility for this feline after leaving the premises for medical expenses, or mortality. The breeder will not be responsible for any injury to feline after leaving premises.
    • The buyer agrees that this feline will always receive prompt medical care, will kept up to date on vaccinations, and will not be allowed outdoors.
    • The buyer agrees that this feline will not be declawed until ALL other methods have been exhausted.
    • The buyer agrees to spay/neuter this feline and upon providing proof will receive the registration papers for the feline.
    • In the event legal action is necessary to enforce any provision of this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees. Sole jurisdiction and venue for any legal dispute shall be the state of Missouri, Cedar county.
    • If the breeder discovers that this feline has not been spayed/neutered and has been used for breeding, this contract will be considered broken and suit sill be brought against the buyer for $6500.00 in damages.
        Other conditions are as follows:

      Buyer's Signature__________________________________ Date__________

      Seller's Signature _________________________________Date__________

      This contract constitutes the entire agreement
      between the parties.


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