Our Longhair Females...


Artworkz Trixie Bell-O-The-Ball

Flame Point

Trixie is a beautiful Flame Point girl with her mother and grandmother's eyes. Like a lot of the other girls, she loves to climb up high and watch the kittens play.

Artworkz Checkers is Fun

Blue Patched Exotic Longhair

This sweet little girl would qualify as a toy - barely 5 lbs at over 2 years old - as are her kittens. She loves to be petted, and the larger cats know she gets first dibs on any new toy.

Artworkz Sill-ver Dust Bunny

Silver Patched Exotic Longhair

Dusty is a gorgeous long hair Silver Patched girl who tried to mother every kitten in the place when she lost her first kitten.

Artworkz Betty Boop

Odd-Eyed White Exotic Longhair

Betty Boop is about 5 lbs and so friendly and laid back, loving to be combed or just anything, 'as long as you hold me', but also very very smart and funny.

Artworkz My Little Sophie

Blue-Eyed Flame Lynx Point Exotic Longhair

My Little Sophie is almost 6 lbs, and about the friendliest cat you'd ever want to meet, has never met a stranger, could be held in your arms the rest of her life and she'd be perfectly happy.

Our Exotic Females...

Jada Cats Bitsy of Artworkz

Bitsy is a shaded Silver Tabby persian, so named because she only weighs 4 lbs, check out those big green eyes.  Thanks to Jan of Jadacats for this little darling.


Artworkz Dream in Pastel 'N Charcoal - Retired

Silver Patched Classic Tabby CPC Exotic Shorthair

Charcoal has those wonderful large eyes I love. She is a very laid back, easy going gal - our first CPC exotic mother.


Artworkz Summer Snowflake

Copper-eyed Exotic Shorthair

Snowflake is as tiny as a 'summer snowflake', less than 5 lbs and a wonderful mother and full sister to Dusty.

Photo coming soon...

Choc-o-lotta Tiffany Blue of Artworkz

Tiffany Blue is a blue point exotic shorthair with that great doll face we love, and is super super friendly -Thanks Renata for letting us bring Tiffany to Artworkz.  DNA Negative parents.

Tiffany Blue is going to be a little larger than most of our cats, a small standard size probably, always wanting to be held, and if you don't pick her up she jumps in your arms, on your back, in your lap or whatever else it takes to get petted.



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