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Artworkz is a Missouri State Licensed CFA Cattery of Excellence, raising Dollface Himalayan and Exotic Kittens since 1996. We lovingly call our little babies 'Cherub Faces' because of their cute little chubby cheeks.  Most of our cats are very small, with many of our kittens being in the Toy and Teacup range.  As we specialize raising the best and healthiest kittens possible, we do not sell breeding rights for our kittens.

The "Toy Story"

Over my 18+ years of raising kittens, I found myself preferring and retaining the smaller females for breeding.  And since you don't want mommas to have birthing problems, I also looked for smaller males.  As a result, my current adult females are rarely over 4 - 5 pounds. 
I recently began a search for new smaller males and as a result we are pleased to announce the addition of Sir Valentine of Artworkz a.k.a. 'Chip' a Toy Chocolate Lynx Point Himalayan Male. 


Our breeders are DNA PKD tested negative.

A Bit About Me...

My name is Rosemary Clark. My husband, Oscar and I, live in Stockton, Missouri - a small town half way between Kansas City and Branson. Married since 1964, Oscar and I have been blessed with a son, two daughters, and three grandsons.

I have had several different careers over the years. It has been as varied as computer drafting, many years as a wedding and anniversary cake decorator, and at the same time, bookkeeping, and helping to design and draw building plans for Oscar's construction business. I am also an artist, teaching myself to draw and paint around the age of nine.

My Cattery Name

My two passions in life, (after being a Christian and my family of course), are raising kittens and my artwork. I'm not sure if I could put one above the other. I chose the name of my cattery because of my love of art and nature, believing all of nature is ‘God's Artwork'. Of course, my favorite of nature's art works are our feline friends, and another of my favorites is the butterfly, which (I read somewhere once), is the perfect symbol of becoming a brand new creature in Christ. That is why I chose my painting of the kitten playing with the butterflies as perfect for my web design.

The Beginning...

My love of raising kittens began around age eight, when our family outdoor longhair silver tabby had her first litter of kittens. Each summer, I would take care of her kittens and find homes for them, loving every minute of it. So, by the time I graduated high school and married, raising kittens was very much a love of my life. When my family was nearly raised, along with a few puppies and kittens along the way, I began to remember how much I'd wanted a purebred cat when I was growing up. So in 1995 Toasty Marshmallow Fluff, a doll face seal point female, came to live with us, and some of the cats I have now are her great grandchildren. I purchased a male Himalayan for my Mother after she lost her cat, and my children and I enjoyed raising a litter of kittens each year, keeping a couple of females in a few years. In 1999, after a few other additions to our cat family, my youngest daughter and I fell in love with, and became owners of, a wonderful silver tabby exotic shorthair male kitten, and we are grateful to Jan Rook of Springfield, MO for Jada Hi- Ho Sill-ver of Artworkz, who became the foundation of our exotics before retiring to his forever pet home in 2007.


Artworkz Cattery's objective is to raise beautiful, healthy, well socialized, loving pets. Our Persian and exotic kittens are nearly all doll face with an occasional extreme face.

They are raised under foot in heated and air conditioned comfort in their own building. I really envy catteries that are able to be inside their own homes, but we have grandchildren who are very allergic to cats, so that is not possible for us. We try to make their building as much like a family home as possible, with lots of rugs, shelves for climbing and even a rocking chair and radio, and all cats are allowed managed free roam. This means they are allowed to go where they wish according to which ones get along, kittens according to age, or are kept away from our male according to our breeding plans. New mothers and babies are confined for their health and safety, with mothers allowed free roam at any time they want to be away from their kittens a little. They also have plenty of human company as it takes lots of time to keep things as clean as possible as well as grooming and caring for the cats.

All of our kittens will have a one year written veterinarian's health guarantee against genetic defects, a personal health record of vaccinations, and come from 100% tested FeLV and FIV negative, and DNA tested PKD negative parents. Our kittens are raised with lots of love and hands on attention. They are guaranteed to be free of ringworm, fleas, ear mites, and internal parasites. All necessary vaccinations will have been given before any kittens are allowed to be placed in their new home.

All kittens have a Health Guarantee, and a Kitten Contract which must be signed and returned along with full payment, before any kitten is shipped to their new home.

Our kittens are never sold before the age of 12 weeks. Some small or shy kittens will not be sold until 14 weeks or more. All kittens need the security of their mother and stable surroundings for at least this long. It also takes at least 12 weeks to give the necessary vaccinations and to have a good immunity built up to take on the world.

We want our kittens to have a loving forever home, so great care is taken to provide a way to pick the right kitten for the right family. Every kitten has its own personality, just like all people do. Most of our kittens are very laid back and have great dispositions, although they should be given their own space for as long as they need (this will vary with each individual kitten), when first arriving at their new home, as all cats must feel secure and aware of their surroundings before they can relax and make friends.

I highly recommend that a family have at least 2 cats, whether obtained one at a time or together, as most of them are very social animals and need each other as well as people. They use their litter boxes better, eat better, and are healthier, plus there's no end of fun watching them play. We have the right to refuse the sale of any kitten for any reason. Thank you for understanding.


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